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Chemical fiber products daily decoding 0723
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Chemical fiber products daily decoding 0723 today, the east China market price manufacturers continue to go up. POY prices, xiaoshan offer individual manufacturer raised, taicang market raise 100-200 yuan/ton, tongxiang market raised 100 yuan/ton, now POY150D / 48 F offers 10700 yuan/ton. FDY prices go up, xiaoshan individual manufacturer specifications raised 100-200 yuan/ton, tongxiang market 100 yuan/ton, ChengZe market raised 100-200 yuan/ton, wuxi city the 100 yuan/ton, shaoxing ShiChangBao firm, zhangjiagang market temporary stability, now FDY150D / 96 F offers 10650 yuan/ton. DTY prices go up slightly, xiaoshan market individual norms 100 yuan/ton, tongxiang market raise 100-250 yuan/ton, ChengZe market raised 100 yuan/ton, now DTY150D / 48 F offers 12150 yuan/ton.

RON all the inion polyester filament analysts say: double cease cleanse silk present price trend upward, affected by this house have quoted present polyester prices, but the manufacturer reflect market enquiries have apparent atmosphere, mainly is the earlier in the weaker PTA futures, the downstream manufacturer with the situation over, factory inventory is bigger, expected, the short term cleanse silk market will shock to the downside.

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