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Chemical fiber plate or 0.42% huaxing chemical harden
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Today's HuZhi tray below 2132 points, the three year low, chemical fiber closed at 2562.68 points for plate, or 0.42%. Huaxing chemical trading harden, plans to sell holdings subsidiary anhui huaxing construction investment Co., LTD equity; JinHe industrial or larger, closing or 7.07%; Antai group afternoon shock going strong, pan brought up, closing or 5.26%; The announcement was the medium-term performance the deficit, in the fall, before closing 4.57% drop.

On the news, the first half of the year, the chemical industry added value increased 12%, year-on-year growth dropped 3.1%. In the first five months, chemical industry profit of 124.9 billion yuan, 19.3% year-on-year drop. Among them, the fertilizer manufacturing profit is 15.7 billion yuan, up 10%. For tax collection on 3% of export tariffs, the most natural emulsion and compound rubber production enterprise will face close the door.


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